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"Caroline Atkinson's stunning paintings first caught my attention whilst I was living in the St Ives Bay area. Against the many seascape painters in town her style has the power to draw the viewer in for a closer look, whereupon the intimacy of the scene unfolds. Families watching waves and kite flying, the early morning walk with the dog, a hazy distant lighthouse struggling to stay in focus on a scorching summer afternoon. These are all facets of real life missed by other artists.

Add to this the crashing waves with titanium white edges breaking onto foaming foreshores; you now see Caroline's expertise to the full. Since returning to the Midlands in 2002 and setting up Blue Gallery and subsequently Sackville House Gallery a contemporary art gallery in Stafford, I have shown and sold her work with great success. The paintings are a homing beacon for anyone with a love or a longing for the sea and attract huge interest.

As each one sells I let out a sigh of exasperation at losing a reminder of the place I love. The feeling is tempered by the arrival of a new and exciting replacement work and the whole cycle starts afresh.

It is a pleasure to represent Caroline here in The Midlands."

David Warren, Sackville-House-Gallery, Staffordshire.

Caroline Atkinson is an artist based in St Ives Cornwall.
She paints seascapes, landscapes, coastal scenes and abstracts.

She can produce an original painting for you.
Prices start at £500.
For more information about commisions click here.

NEW - Printed Cotton Cushion Covers - Cornish Beaches

She welcomes enquiries from galleries and individuals:

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